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Used asphalt planers

 75 ads of used asphalt cold planer

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Main asphalt planer brands :

Wirtgen, Caterpillar, Simex, Bomag, Bitelli, Bobcat, Dynapac, Lintec
The planer or cold milling machine is used in road repair work to remove asphalt on the roadway to be renovated. The term "cold" is in opposition to the "hot" technique which requires heating the asphalt before stripping. On tracks or on tires, a cold milling machine is equipped with a milling drum with tungsten carbide teeth that allow it to tear off the road surface. The milled material (planed material) is then conveyed to a tipper carrier by an orientable loading belt. In general, this discharge band is removable. The larger planer models can cover a milling width of up to 4 meters. The milling depth reaches about thirty centimeters. Recent machines benefit from electronic leveling systems, drum watering and dust extraction: these improvements allow the operator to work with precision in optimal conditions. The planers are transported from one job site to another on heavy equipment carriers. On Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, see the ads for used cold milling machines: Simex, Wirtgen, Bitelli.
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