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Used road construction equipments sprayers

 38 ads of used road construction equipments sprayers

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Main sprayer road construction equipment brands :

Rincheval, Renault, Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Secmair, Volvo, Crapie
The asphalt spreader, or asphalt spreader, is used to spread an intermediate layer called a tack coat on the roadway, before the wearing course applied by the paver. Spreaders are sometimes used to fill potholes: they are then called “point-to-time” or PATA (automatic point-to-time). The tack coat is produced either hot, with hot binders, or cold, with bitumen emulsions. The binders or emulsions are contained in a cistern and spread over the roadway using a ramp located at the rear of the machine. The boom is equipped with several pressurized jets which propel the binder on the road. The spreader generally works with a chip spreader, but there are also spreaders-chippers which can spread both binder and chippings: this is called simultaneous spreading. The spreader-grit spreader is also called RGS (synchronous spreader), mixed spreader or two-spreader. Acmar, Rincheval, Simex: on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, discover the ads for used sprayers.
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