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Dumper - Dumper The dumper or dumper is a vehicle used to transport large quantities of materials (ores, earth, rubble, etc.) on construction sites, in mines or in quarries. There are different types of dumpers: rigid dumper, articulated dumper, mini dumper, crawler dumper or even underground dumper. Rigid haulers are the larger models; they are used in quarries and surface mines. Robust, their payload can reach several hundred tonnes: this is the case, for example, for the Liebherr T282B and Cat 797F dumpers. Articulated haulers, of a more modest size, are however more mobile. They can move over difficult terrain thanks to their all-drive wheels: the usual configuration of an articulated dumper is 6 × 6. Developed by Volvo in the 1960s, the articulated hauler is used for road works, quarry transport and earthmoving. Tracked dumpers move on a chain train unlike other types of dumpers equipped with wheels. They can travel on very difficult terrain such as stone quarries. The mini dumpers, very mobile, can carry several hundred kilos. Finally, underground dumpers are used for underground work in mine galleries; their height is reduced for this purpose. The main equipment of a dumper is its body, usually made of reinforced steel. Some construction trucks equipped with a rock dumpster can perform the same functions as a dumper. In the past, dumpers were used to transport agricultural produce or household waste: when unloading, the tipper would tip back and drop the cargo, hence the name "dumper". On Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, see ads for used dumpers: Ausa, Volvo C.E., Cat, Terex, Komatsu, MAN, Benford.
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