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Used road construction equipments

 415 ads of used road construction equipments

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Main road construction equipment brands :

Vögele, Wirtgen, Dynapac, Bomag, Marini, Caterpillar, Volvo, Bitelli
Road works machinery - planer - emulsion slurry - chip spreader The construction of a road requires the use of a large number of machinery. Once the earthmovers have prepared the ground, other machines complete their work to make the base course, the tack coat and the wearing course of the road. The lime spreader distributes the lime which serves as a binder for the formation and stabilization of the pavement. The chip spreader is used to spread the chippings which constitute the subgrade; this serves to improve the bearing capacity of the soil by standardizing it. The tack coat, under the wearing course, is made using a spreader; it consists of hot binders or bitumen emulsions. When the spreader is equipped with a chippings hopper, it is referred to as a spreader-grit spreader. The upper layer of the road, or wearing course, is made of asphalt (bitumen). The asphalt is produced by an asphalt mixing plant. A paver is used to spread the asphalt on the road. For pavement repair and recycling work, the planer, or cold milling machine, is used to scrape the asphalt layer, and the soil stabilizer to mix the binder and stabilize the pavement. Finally, the mulcher and the verge mulcher subsequently make it possible to maintain the verges of the road. Vogele, ABG, Wirtgen, Dynapac, Simex, Rousseau: used road works equipment is on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com! Europe-Construction-Equipment.com: announcements dedicated to road works experts Road works experts must be efficiently equipped to be able to carry out their work in good conditions and on time. What road transport equipment for your activity Our site lists all the public works announcements which can allow you to carry out your road works efficiently. We offer road works machinery for sale for all types of use: On Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, more than 185 ads for used pavers are online and accessible with just a few clicks. This machine, which takes over from the truck containing the asphalt, occupies a strategic position, since it must maintain a constant speed, in order to maintain a uniform thickness and width in the application of the asphalt. To buy an efficient second-hand paver, pay attention to the application thickness, the application width, and the site concerned: size, longitudinal slope, etc. We are in contact with all the reference service providers: Vogele, Bomag , Dynapac… take your pick! The spreader, used for chipping between the asphalt layers to prevent them from sticking, must be chosen with care; It is important for a site manager to be vigilant on various criteria: quantity of gravel deposited, speed of movement ... the dealers are ready to inform you: if you wish to buy a used Acmar, Secmair, or another spreader prestigious brand, they will answer all your questions! You are looking for a used planer for your road works site, you will also find on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com a machine corresponding to your expectations. Before entrusting your planer (also called cold milling machine) to a set-up operator, check certain specificities in order to avoid damaging it: operate the probe and check that you are able to use it easily; Also find out about the "secondary" control panel, take the time to check the wear of the tracks. Remember to maintain it regularly (oil change, lubrication, cleaning once a day, etc.). Find on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com a second-hand milling machine from Simex, Wirtgen and many other brands.
Europe-Construction-Equipment.com is a classified ads website for new, used or damaged machinery

Market place between sellers and buyers (buy / sell / long-term rental) of the construction equipment world.

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