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Repair and flash controller: the new Connect Cat services

ECI - on 12/27/2018 09:26:05 am - By
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Caterpillar offers their new Connect Cat range of solutions. Thanks to the collected data, this technology helps dealers with the maintenance at a distance and at the most convenient time.

Repair and flash controller: the new Connect Cat services

Optimised updates

One of the offers  of the Connect Cat is called the flash. The clients that subscribe to it get alerts from Caterpillar indicating a software update is available. It then is possible to wait to best moment to stop the machine during the setup of the new version. Moreover, this operation can now be done by the client himself, without the help of a technician.

To benefit from the flash, the machines and engines by Caterpillar should be equipped with the 2017B telematic software and have a PLE641 or PLE742 electronic card.

Remote diagnosis

Connect Cat also has another advantage with the new remote diagnosis system. At the moment, it is only compatible with the new generation hydraulic excavators. With this offer, it is possible to analyse the machines from a distance. This interest avoid having to stop the machine, which optimises the global productibity of the construction site.

The second interest is the potential detection of technical problems. By avoiding the immobilisation of the machine, the diagnosis can be more efficient and avoid difficulties after. The dealership can also resolve some anomalies without intervening on site. Otherwise, maintenance technicians will have all the important information for repair. They will come with their tools, the spare parts and the adapted documentations thus reducing the intervention time.