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Main bungalow brands :

Descortes, CNSE, Cougnaud, Containex, Bodard, Pagin, JCR, Gruau
Construction Bungalow The construction bungalow, also called a construction shelter, is a prefabricated building that can be quickly installed on a construction site. It accommodates workers and can serve as a cloakroom, dining hall, sanitary facilities, offices or even storage facilities for equipment. A set bringing together several bungalows intended for these different functions is called a base-life or site cantonment. A construction site shelter is like a converted container. Some bungalows equipped with wheels can be towed (we speak of "trailers"), the others are moved on carriers. The prefabs can be stacked to form a multi-storey structure. Modular buildings used as offices benefit from reinforced insulation. Some manufacturers offer tailor-made shelters according to the needs of their customers. Algeco, Bodard, Cougnaud, Pagin, CNSE, Containex, Solfab… the ads for used construction shelters are on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com! What is the price of a used construction bungalow? On Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, the lowest price for a used construction bungalow is around € 2,000. The average price is € 19,000. For an algeco, the lowest price is € 1,900; the average price is € 19,700 Are you looking for the cheapest construction bungalow? Europe-Construction-Equipment.com is the right place to buy a low cost construction bungalow. If you are looking for a second-hand bungalow, you will find it at the best price among our professional and private machinery ads.
Europe-Construction-Equipment.com is a classified ads website for new, used or damaged machinery

Market place between sellers and buyers (buy / sell / long-term rental) of the construction equipment world.

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