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Used drilling, harvesting, trenching equipments

 252 ads of used drilling, harvesting, trenching equipments

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Main drilling, harvesting, trenching equipment brands :

Vermeer, Case, Bohak, Atlas Copco, Tamrock, Ditch-witch, Mercedes, Liebherr
Drilling machine - Drilling machine The drilling machine is a machine used for drilling, that is, digging holes in the ground. There are vertical drills and horizontal drills. The vertical drill is used to find water or dig foundations. The horizontal drill is used for underground work (gas, sewerage). The main component of the drill is the drill head or auger; it can be equipped with a core barrel to take samples from the field. The piling machine, also called a "bell" or "sheep", is used on construction sites to drive in piles serving as foundations or to consolidate a structure. Formerly, the pile driver was operated by a group of men pulling a rope; it was used in particular in constructions on stilts. Today, vibrators and hydraulic hammers are used to drive different types of piles, wood, steel or concrete. The trencher is a machine used for digging trenches in wiring or drainage operations. There are wheel trenchers or chain trenchers. The wheel trencher, equipped with teeth, is faster and more economical. The chain trencher is often equipped with an excavation mat. There are also micro-slicers for precision work. The Caces category 2 license is often required in France for driving this machine on construction sites. Browse ads for used drills, bells and trenchers from Vermeer, Atlas Copco, Bauer, Klemm, Soilmec and Ditch-Witch.
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