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Used drilling, harvesting, trenching equipments pile-driving machines

 29 ads of used drilling, harvesting, trenching equipments pile-driving machines

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Main pile-driving machines drilling, harvesting, trenching equipment brands :

Liebherr, Delmag, Klemm, Bauer, Caterpillar, Komatsu, MAN, Prakla
The threshing machine, also called a bell or ram, is used to drive steel, concrete or wooden piles into the ground in order to consolidate constructions or lay the foundations of an engineering structure or construction. 'a building. It is used, for example, for the laying of sheet piles which allow the construction of a bastard (temporary water retention). It is also used for constructions on stilts. A sheep usually consists of a frame, a guide rail, and a vibrator (vibrator) or a hydraulic hammer to strike on the piles. The drop height of the pile driver is measured in meters, and the frequency of the pile driver is measured in strokes per minute. A distinction is made between pull bells, operated manually by a system of ropes, click bells, equipped with a gear winch, and mechanical bells, whose winch can be actuated either by an electric motor or by a heat engine. . When the threshing machine is equipped with a diesel engine, it is called sheep-diesel. Used vibratory hammering equipment can be found on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com: consult the Junttan, IFM, Liebherr, Hydra, Sunward, IHC doorbell announcements.
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