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Used compactors/ rollers

 936 ads of used compactor / roller

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Main compactor / roller brands :

Bomag, Hamm, Ammann, Dynapac, Caterpillar, XCMG, Wacker Neuson, Case
Compactor The compactor or road roller is a construction machine used to compact the soil during road works. A distinction is made between hand compactors (rammer, vibrating plate and vibrating roller) and self-propelled compactors: single-cylinder, tandem, tricycle, tire compactor, combination compactor, sheep-foot compactor, trench compactor and trash compactor. Self-propelled compactors can be static or vibrating. The single drum compactor has one roller, the tandem compactor has two rollers, and the tricycle compactor has three rollers. While the single cylinder compactor is used to compact a large thickness, the tandem and tricycles compactors are used to compress thinner surfaces. Sheep-foot compactors, or tamping compactors, are equipped with one or two notched cylinders. They are used for large earthworks. Tire compactors have a row of large tires instead of the cylinder; very mobile, they are however less efficient than the previous ones. The combination compactor is a single cylinder compactor also equipped with 3 or 4 tires at the rear. The very narrow trench compactor is specially designed for working in foundation or pipe trenches; it is generally equipped with notched cylinders. Finally, the trash compactor is a large-sized road roller used to compress large volumes of trash in landfills or landfills. The operation of compactors on site in France is often conditioned by a Caces permit, the categories of this permit varying depending on whether it is a small compactor (level 1) or a heavier compactor. The invention of the compactor is attributed to Antoine-Rémy Polonceau, engineer of Ponts et Chaussées, who initiated rolling in 1829. Browse ads for used road rollers from the brands Dynapac, Bomag, Hamm, Caterpillar, Ammann, XCMG, Ingersoll Rand. Europe-Construction-Equipment.com: find your used compactor On a construction site, a compactor is a machine that can be used to dig up uneven soils, asphalt roads or tamp trenches. Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, our platform where you will find all construction ads, puts online thousands of ads to buy or rent compactors at reduced prices. How to choose your compactor according to the needs of your site? Here is all the information you need. The single-cylinder compactor (or single-cylinder compactor) The single-cylinder compactor, also called single-drum, is mainly used for large construction sites. Its size can vary from 4 to 20 tons. Very powerful and inexpensive, it is used for different purposes: it is used to compact tarred soil for example, but also to smooth the asphalt of a road for longer durability. Often, the rollers are equipped with a sprinkler system, which allows them to prevent its balls from tearing the asphalt by sticking to the ground. On Europe-Construction-Equipment.com we offer for sale hand-held site compactors, tire compactors, or even sheep's feet. The trench compactor The trench compactor is also appreciated by site managers for its maneuverability: easy to guide by hand, it can also be controlled remotely. Besides, the trench compactor has good strength capacity and generally long service life. The tandem compactor The tandem compactor takes its name from its two smooth steel rollers: one is placed at the front of the vehicle and the other at the rear. It is the vibrations produced by the two rollers that consolidate the material that is to be compacted. It is an excellent intermediary between the duplex compactor and the single-barrel compactor.
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Market place between sellers and buyers (buy / sell / long-term rental) of the construction equipment world.

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