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Used Liebherr bulldozers

 22 ads of used Liebherr dozers

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Liebherr bulldozer: used ads on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com For almost fifteen years, Europe-Construction-Equipment.com has been posting ads for used bulldozers online. Our site is created for public works professionals. One way to optimize your site, by buying reference equipment at a lower cost. We put online ads for a variety of materials: construction excavators, loaders, but also other essential equipment on a site such as the Liebherr bulldozer. Choosing a Liebherr bulldozer The range of Liebherr construction machinery is particularly wide: Hydraulic and wheeled excavators Cranes Loaders The Liebherr bulldozer contributed to the brand's reputation. Essentially, a bulldozer is used in three key stages of the site: transporting loads, leveling the ground, and scarifying. At Liebherr, thanks to a dedicated innovation service, all bulldozers can be used at each of these stages, by modifying the accessories (blade, bucket) in an appropriate way. They are specially designed for maximum profitability, in particular to reduce as much as possible maintenance work. Your site is thus optimized to the maximum. Choose safety with a Liebherr bulldozer Before entrusting the controls of your used Liebherr bulldozer, it is important to check certain points: the importance of wearing a seat belt, checking that the safety accessories (helmet) are worn, etc. Prefer a machine operator with Caces. This training is not compulsory to drive a bulldozer on a construction site, but it is highly recommended because it certifies that the driver has a perfect command of all the safety rules.Remember that any construction machine operator must justify a medical examination certifying that their visual and hearing skills allow them to operate a construction machine in complete safety.
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