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Used Komatsu bulldozers

 91 ads of used Komatsu dozers

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Komatsu bulldozer: used ads on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com Choosing a used Komatsu bulldozer is the assurance that you are choosing safety and efficiency for your job. For more than fifty years, the Japanese company has positioned itself as one of the benchmark manufacturers. Discover the many advantages of a Komatsu bulldozer. Check out our used bulldozer ads! The specificities of Komatsu bulldozers Komatsu bulldozers are recognized for different qualities: Reliability Security Comfort The productivity Its power can go up to 916 horsepower, which makes it a key element on sites on a human scale but also on larger sites for earthworks for example. for the used sale of Komatsu's iconic model: the D 155 A-1. Komatsu produced the D 575A, the world's largest bulldozer. This machine is so imposing that it must be completely dismantled, before being fully reassembled on the construction sites. Characteristics of a Komatsu bulldozer A bulldozer can be relatively light (the smallest bulldozers weigh only 5 tons), so they will be useful on small sites. But its weight can go up to more than one hundred tons. You can quite easily add various accessories on a bulldozer. , in order to optimize the site: The blade can be modified according to the work to be done: it measures between 1.5 meters and 6 meters long; it can be straight, curved, or combined. A bucket can replace the blade; the bulldozer will then be used in priority for the transport of heavy loads. If you have many trips to make and the ground is passable, favor a bulldozer with tires; on the other hand, if the ground is level, we recommend that you opt for a Komatsu tracked bulldozer.
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