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Used Kubota mini excavators

 232 ads of used Kubota mini excavators

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Main mini excavator brands :

Kubota, Yanmar, Volvo, JCB, Bobcat, Caterpillar, Takeuchi, Komatsu
Buying a Kubota mini excavator? When earthmoving work has to be done on small construction sites, it is a good idea to use a mini-excavator. Due to their smaller size than crawler excavators or wheeled excavators, mini excavators can adapt to tight construction sites as they are more manoeuvrable. Equipped with tracks, Kubota mini excavators make it possible, among other things, to carry out leveling work, dig the foundations of a future house for example, or even collect or pick up rubble on all types of sites. Kubota is a popular brand for new and used mini excavators. What are the lines of Kubota mini excavators? Today there are officially 18 models of Kubota mini excavators: K008-3, U10-3, U10-3 SL, U15-3 N, KX016-4, U17-3A, KX019-4, U20-3aS, U20- 3aV, KX027-4, U27-4, KX030-4, U36-4, KX037-4, KX042-4, U50-5, U56-5, KX060-5. Each model of the Kubota brand has a weight, a digging depth, a width, and a motor power which diverge in order to be able to meet all the expectations of future buyers. To sum up, Kubota mini excavators have a weight that can vary between around 1 ton and up to 5.5 tons. Their excavation depth ranges from 1.7 meters to almost 4 meters. Finally, the last important feature is of course the power of the Kubota mini excavator which starts at 10 horsepower and goes up to 46 horsepower for the heaviest mini excavators. Kubota mini excavators are also separated into two distinct ranges according to their mode of operation. There are conventional radius models and short radius models. What are the options for Kubota mini excavators? Like most mini excavator manufacturers, Kubota is innovating in order to offer ever more reliable and enjoyable models. This is why Kubota mini excavators have options such as an ultra-short swing radius which is very useful for working in the presence of obstacles, a variable frame or even 2 travel speeds. Kubota also offers options that relate to the comfort of the driver of the mini-excavator with better soundproofing for example, or a seat with pneumatic suspensions. Wide opening hoods make servicing the Kubota mini excavator easy. Of course there are options such as cabins or canopy Rops and Fops. Finally, all Kubota mini excavators are equipped with engines corresponding to the Stage V standard. Find a Kubota mini excavator on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com? Are you looking for a used Kubota mini excavator? Or, on the contrary, do you want to invest and find a new mini-excavator? Then you are in the right place since Europe-Construction-Equipment.com collects all the announcements of Kubota tp machines. In order to find the advertisements that concern you directly, we suggest that you select more precise criteria for your mini-excavator search. You can select the Kubota brand first to eliminate ads for mini excavators made by other brands. Also indicate the price, the number of hours or even more specific options for mini-excavators such as the size of the boom and the size of the dipper. Today you can find more than a hundred listings for Kubota mini excavators.
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