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Used forklifts

 2,442 ads of used fork trucks

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Main Forklift brands :

Linde, Toyota, Hyster, Still, Yale, Kalmar, Manitou, Jungheinrich
Europe-Construction-Equipment.com: choose your used forklift To lift heavy loads on a job site, a forklift is often essential. On Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, we put online all the public works announcements adapted to the needs of your site. We have more than 4,500 advertisements for buying or renting a forklift truck at low cost with attractive financial conditions. Our selection criteria for a forklift Among our many advertisements, you will find electric, gasoline, diesel or gas forklifts. To find out which forklift truck fits the needs of your site, here are some specifics for each. Indeed, you can make your choice according to different criteria: the consumption of the truck, its brand but also its type of mast. The electric forklift is mainly used indoors; more environmentally friendly than other trucks, it is also less noisy. The diesel forklift has a higher load capacity than the electric forklift; more bulky, it is more suitable for outdoor sites. The gas forklift is more expensive than other forklifts, but it is equally well suited for indoor and outdoor work; less fragile, it is also easier to use (refueling is very quick to do) We offer a variety of brands sold by demanding and qualitative dealers: Linde, Still, Toyota ... Depending on your needs, the mast may be different: A counterbalance cart is used to counterbalance a heavy load. To use it, it is advisable to favor outdoor uses. The retractable masts make it possible to pick up a load at height in a very manoeuvrable way. The masts can be simplex, duplex, triplex or quadruplex: a duplex mast unfolds immediately when the forks are actuated, whereas with a triplex mast the forks rise on their own and then unfold. In the event of a low ceiling, a duplex mast therefore risks piercing a ceiling or even damaging a mezzanine; it is therefore necessary to favor a triplex mast. Based on these parameters, select the forklift that suits you best on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com.
Europe-Construction-Equipment.com is a classified ads website for new, used or damaged machinery

Market place between sellers and buyers (buy / sell / long-term rental) of the construction equipment world.

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