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Used backhoe loaders

 325 ads of used 4x4 backhoe loader

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Main backhoe loader brands :

JCB, Case, Caterpillar, New Holland, Komatsu, Mecalac, Terex, Volvo
Backhoe loader - Backhoe loader What is a backhoe loader or backhoe loader? The backhoe loader, also called backhoe loader, is a versatile construction machine that combines the capabilities of a loader and an excavator: it is equipped with a front loader bucket and a backhoe at the rear, which allows him to carry out many works. Usually on wheels, the backhoe loader can have a rigid frame or an articulated frame. The rigid backhoe loader, equipped with driving and steering wheels, is more stable and more powerful. The rarer articulated backhoe loader is more manoeuvrable. There are also mini backhoe loaders for smaller jobs. Backhoe loader: Composition and operation When the excavation equipment is in operation, the backhoe loader is at a standstill. The backhoe consists of an boom, dipper, link rod and backhoe bucket. It digs the ground. The bucket can be replaced by various accessories: BRH, auger, clamshell. The bucket is loaded from the front of the machine up front. It can be an earthmoving bucket or 4 in 1. It can be replaced by pallet forks or a snow bow as needed. Invented in the 1950s, the backhoe loader was primarily developed by JCB and then by Case. Successive technical advances have enabled the development of increasingly efficient machines. In France, driving a backhoe loader is subject to a category 4 Caces license. On Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, find advertisements for used backhoe loaders from JCB, Case, Cat, New Holland, Komatsu and Mecalac. Main brands JCB backhoe loader Caterpillar backhoe loader Case backhoe loader Volvo backhoe loader Venieri backhoe loader Komatsu backhoe loader Atlas backhoe loader Mecalac backhoe loader New Holland backhoe loader Terex backhoe loader Deutz backhoe loader Fermec backhoe loader Fiat-Hitachi backhoe loader Massey Ferguson backhoe loader Hidromek backhoe loader FAI backhoe loader Main ranges JCB 3CX JCB 4CX JCB 1CX JCB 2CX Caterpillar 428C Caterpillar 428D Caterpillar 432D Caterpillar 428 Case 580SLE Case 580SR Komatsu WB93R-2 Komatsu WB97R What is the price of a used backhoe loader? On Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, the lowest or lowest price for a used backhoe loader is around € 4,000. The average price is € 25,000. Are you looking for the cheapest backhoe loader? Europe-Construction-Equipment.com is the right place to buy a backhoe loader at a low price. If you are looking for a used backhoe loader, you will find it at the best price among our Pro and Private machinery ads. Used backhoe loaders ads The basis of a well-run and well-organized site is construction equipment that meets standards and is efficient. For this, a site manager has every interest in checking the quality of his construction machinery regularly, and to report any failure of his equipment if necessary. Among the essential construction machinery, the backhoe loader is a must. Which model to choose for a used backhoe loader? How to use it optimally? Why call on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com? To make your purchase of a used backhoe loader while managing your budget as well as possible, Europe-Construction-Equipment.com is the ideal partner. You will find construction machinery of all kinds for a reduced price. You will have access to ads to buy or rent backhoe loaders, but also bulldozers, backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators ... Our site allows you to purchase a used backhoe loader from recognized dealers. Find now your Caterpillar backhoe loader, your New Holland backhoe loader, and other reference brands, and access all the ads for construction equipment. The different uses of a backhoe loader To quickly define a backhoe loader, we can say that this civil engineering machine combines the characteristics of an excavator and a wheel loader. This is why the backhoe loader is also called a "backhoe loader". Unlike the backhoe, used for heavy earthmoving work, the backhoe loader is used for precision work: for example, a New Holland backhoe loader is used to dig trenches, but also, in agriculture, a Caterpillar backhoe loader or any other backhoe loader to quickly collect manure in agriculture. It is mainly used for backfilling, excavation or handling work. The undoubted advantage of the backhoe loader is therefore its ability to be used for a wide variety of uses. A backhoe loader is mounted on tires and not on tracks. It is therefore suitable for easily accessible terrain, and will not be out of place on a site that is too muddy (risk of getting stuck). It can travel long distances on public roads without the support of a loading machine. Choose your backhoe loader Various well-known dealers offer backhoe loaders of various categories. On our website you can find Caterpillar backhoe loaders, New Holland backhoe loaders, or other backhoe loaders for sale ... You can choose from a variety of proposals, and you are sure to find the right construction machine for your work at Europe-Construction-Equipment.com.
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