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Used tower cranes

 155 ads of used tower cranes

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Main tower crane brands :

Potain, Liebherr, Terex, Spierings, Jaso, Saez, XCMG, Faun
Tower Cranes Tower cranes are stationary cranes used on high-rise construction sites. There are two types of tower cranes: self-erecting cranes or self-erecting cranes (GMR or GMA), and sectional erection cranes (GME). The GMAs are unfolded autonomously, either hydraulically or mechanically, by a system of cables and winches, while the GMEs are assembled by a mobile crane. A tower crane consists of a mast weighted at its base, and a perpendicular boom attached to a pivot. The counterjib, also ballasted, acts as a counterweight when lifting the load. The cab allows the crane operator to control the crane. Fixed under the boom, the hoist allows the transfer and lifting of loads. Most tower cranes are equipped with a lattice boom. They are weighted to prevent tipping, and their installation is subject to strict safety control and an environmental study. The tower cranes are equipped with an anemometer which measures the wind speed and stops work when it exceeds 72 km / h. When the wind is too strong, the cranes are put in "weathervanes" to avoid overturning. Potain, Saez, Liebherr, Spierings, Soima… The ads for used tower cranes are on Europe-Construction-Equipment.com!
Europe-Construction-Equipment.com is a classified ads website for new, used or damaged machinery

Market place between sellers and buyers (buy / sell / long-term rental) of the construction equipment world.

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