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Case production plant wins the "bronze" distinction from WCM system

ECI - le 06/20/2016 11:56 am - By
Construction and Public Works

In May 2016, an independent audit was conducted. It awarded the WCM bronzer certification to CASE, the construction equipment manufacturer. It owes its prize to its European excavator production plant of San Mauro, in Italia. Indeed, Case made huge investments within its factory in order to transform it.

WCM is a management system created to improve company performances by eliminating losses. Thanks to this technic, the company focuses its efforts on the reduction of breakdowns to improve permanently its working methods. It also depends on increasing the productivity and customer satisfaction. The proper functioning of this management method comes mostly from the involvement of human resources in the company.

WCM qualification includes 3 levels of progression (bronze, silver and gold) before reaching the higher distinction: the World Class Level. In May 2016 Case received the bronze distinction.

Case restructures its plant in Italia

The San Maura bronze gratification of manufacturing site, based in Tuscan, emerged of a global restructuration. Indeed, the bronze distinction was awarded to it thanks to the successful implementation of the management process eliminating the plant losses in terms of productivity and raw materials. The Case plant of San Mauro stands out the crowd thanks to several criteria present in the WCM programme, for example, clarity in objectives.

To establish its presence in Europe, the Case plant had to make a major restructuration, which contributed to its bronze award. The manufacturer has divided its production in two separate plants for its products. Therefore track excavators are built in the factory in San Mauro and wheeled equipment at the plant in Lecce (Southern Italy).

Positive Changes within Case plants

In order to establish this management system, Case had to do some new arrangements within its construction equipment plant. The investments of the company were focused on providing natural light through the different rooms in order to create a bright and pleasant workplace.

It is important for this company that customers are informed of the way equipment is made. That is why the plant has converted some of its places into new reception areas. Visitors can discover the process of equipment manufacturing at the heart of the production site.

Finally, the San Mauro plant CEO has shared its enthusiasm towards this distinction. He is glad for having set up the WCW system and congratulates its staff for their work and their involvement.