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Used JCB backhoe loaders

 110 ads of used JCB 4x4 backhoe loader

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Main backhoe loader brands :

JCB, Case, Caterpillar, New Holland, Komatsu, Mecalac, Terex, Volvo
JCB backhoe loader The JCB brand was launched in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford, founder of JCB Excavators Limited. The company, which specializes in the production of construction machinery, quickly enjoyed worldwide success, in particular thanks to its backhoe loaders. Since 1953, when the first backhoe loader was produced, the brand has continued to develop new and ever more efficient models. JCB is today the world leader in the backhoe loader market. The main models of the manufacturer are the 1CX, 2CX, 3CX and 4CX. The 1CX mini backhoe loader is the smallest machine in the range. Easily manoeuvrable and versatile, it can be used to work in tight spaces. The 2CX is a compact backhoe loader equipped with four steered wheels. Bigger and more powerful, the 3CX and 4CX can be used for large-scale jobs. The 3CX backhoe loader, developed in the 1980s, remains JCB's best-selling model. To meet Stage IIIB / Tier 4i emission requirements, the 3CX Eco and 4CX Eco models were fitted with the new, more fuel-efficient EcoMAX engine produced by JCB. Europe-Construction-Equipment.com: buy a JCB backhoe loader on the reference site for used construction equipment ads On a construction site, a backhoe loader is one of the most commonly used tools. Also called backhoe loader, the backhoe loader is therefore used both for transporting heavy loads and for shoveling work. The Europe-Construction-Equipment.com site puts online around a hundred ads for used JCB backhoe loaders, as well as ads for construction equipment such as bulldozers, loaders, forklifts ... JCB backhoe loaders are true historical references and are distinguished in particular by their excellent fuel efficiency. Why choose a JCB backhoe loader? JCB is the world leader in backhoe loaders. This dealer is the first to market backhoe loaders at the start of the twentieth century; For a century, JCB has maintained its lead and has distinguished itself in particular by its particularly high energy capacities. The advantages of these backhoe loaders? A very important autonomy which makes it possible to carry out worksite days with ease Fuel savings of 16% on average A noticeable reduction in energy and noise produced These qualities make JCB backhoe loaders the favorite machines for site managers. When to use a JCB backhoe loader? Essentially, a backhoe loader is used for three types of work: Sanitation works Construction work Earthworks The JCB backhoe loader is made up of three distinct parts: The cabin The front bucket: this fundamental tool brings together the six functions essential for earthmoving work It catches the heaviest loads and loads them from one point to another It strips the ground and pushes the obstacles It levels and backfills the ground The arm equipped with a tool that can be upgraded according to the needs of the site: for example, a clamshell can be grafted to this arm. These multiple functions, combined with its ease of use, make the backhoe loader a fundamental tool on a construction site.
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