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Grader The grader is a construction machine used on construction sites to level the ground, that is to say to level the ground and to flatten it evenly. It is also used to maintain tracks and create ditches during road works, or for snow removal. The English term "grader" is sometimes used to designate it. The main element of a grader is the central blade, very wide (generally between 3 and 5 meters), to which may be added a front blade called "bull blade" (in reference to the dozer) and scarifiers (rippers ) used to loosen soil, front or rear. A side blade called a “slope-board” can be added to carry out slope work. Newer models have GPS leveling assistance. Typically six tires, graders are very long machines - often up to 11 or 12 meters. Sometimes a grader works in conjunction with a compactor. The first self-propelled graders were developed by Caterpillar around 1930; they replaced the traditional system of the beam pulled by animals. On Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, find ads for used graders from the brands Cat, Komatsu, Champion, O&K, Faun Frisch, XCMG. Europe-Construction-Equipment.com: the reference site to find a used grader An efficient grader that meets standards is an essential construction machine for the proper functioning of the site. A few precautions are necessary to safely select your grader. Our Europe-Construction-Equipment.com site, specializing in announcements of construction equipment, allows you to buy a used grader in just a few clicks. How to choose your grader A grader is a construction machine that can be particularly useful for earthworks: sometimes called by its English name of grader, this six-wheeled machine adjusts the layer of material in height, in the stepped embankment. It is most often associated with a road roller or a wheeled compactor. In snowy weather, it can also be used for snow removal work: in Quebec, in particular, it is often used for this purpose. To buy an efficient grader for your site, you need to be vigilant about its components: The blade is the essential component of the grader. It can be used both at an angle of 0 ° (horizontal blade) and at an angle of 90 ° (vertical blade). The power of the grader is one of its main characteristics. It can range from 100 to 240 horsepower. The larger the blade, the more powerful the engine will be. The options should also be carefully considered: the blade extension and return allow you to tailor your grader to the needs of the job site, centralized lubrication will facilitate end-of-job cleanings. A wide choice of brands for your grader At Europe-Construction-Equipment.com, we offer you a wide range of products. You will find the grader that meets your needs with us: you can buy a Caterpillar, Komatsu or even a Mitsubishi grader.
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