Main makes of Crane

You are looking for a certain make of crane ?
See the ad listing for used crane by manufacturer's make : Tadano, Potain, Liebherr, Kato, Fassi, Palfinger, Grove...

You are interested in a specific range or series of crane ?
Directly go to the listing by clicking on the ranges : TG-500E, ATF 130G-5, ATF 70G-4, ATF 50G-3, GR-300EX, Igo 36, Igo 50, GTMR 386A, Igo 13, GTMR 386B, Igo 21, LTM, MK, LR, 32TT, HS, LG, NK400E-V, KR-250, PK 27002, PK20002, PK 18080, PK15500, PK18080, PK40002-EH, GMK3055, GMK4080-1, GMK5130-2, GMK5100, GMK3050-1, GMK4100L, 166-XS BS 3DUO, 122B - 2 CL, 244 XS / EP 5-HIDUO, 175-3, .

The number of crane available is given in brackets.

Other makes of crane available