Main makes of Compactors/ rollers

You are looking for a certain make of compactor / roller ?
See the ad listing for used compactors/ rollers by manufacturer's make : Bomag, Dynapac, Hamm, Caterpillar, Ammann, Wacker Neuson, XCMG...

You are interested in a specific range or series of compactor / roller ?
Directly go to the listing by clicking on the ranges : BW120 AD-4, BW100 AD-4, BW138 AD, BW217 D-2, BW135 AD, BW219 DH-3, CA251D, CA301D, CC1200, CA300D, CA602D, CC422, 3520, HD 10, HD 12, HD 12 VV, HD 14 VV, HD 8 VV, CS64B, CB14 B, CB224C, CS54B, CS76B, CD54B, AV, ARX, APF, ASC, AP, AC, RT 82 SC, RT 82 SC 2, RD 27-120, VP1030AW, DPU4045Ye, DPU4545H, .

The number of compactors/ rollers available is given in brackets.

Other makes of compactors/ rollers available