Concrete Concrete plant
Promax S100-TWN
Stationary Concrete Batching Plant with Twn Shaft Mixer

Plant Capacity
Compacted concrete capacity 100 m³/h

Air Compressor
Capacity (welded or bolted) 1400-1210 lt/dk
Working pressure 7-8 bar
Engine power 7,5 kw

Aggregate Hopper
4 Bins 4×30 = 120 m³
Bunker Grid

Aggregate Weighing Belt
Width 1000 mm
Length 12360 mm
Engine Power 18,5 kw
Load Cell 4×5000 kg

Mixer Specifications
Mixer Type : Twin shaft
Dry Capacity 3000 lt
Mixer Capacity 2000 lt
Engine Power 2×37 kw

Mixer Converyor Band
Width 1000 lt
Length 28500 mm
Engine Power 30 kw

Aggregate Weighbridge 6600 kg
Cement Weighbridge 1500 kg
Water Weighbridge 900 lt
Additives Weighbridge 40 kg


*Cement Silo
Capacity (welded or bolted) 75-100-150-200-500 tons
Silo Quantity 1,2,3,4 adet/piece

*Silo Equipment and Screw Conveyor
Diameter 273 mm
Length 10000 mm
Engine Power 11 kw
Silotop Filter
Valve – Manuel Arm
Security Valve
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