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Machinery equipment Bucket
It''s an attached tool for excavators for built-in crushing construction waste and demolition materials. It has the design of a shovel, which is open at the rear for releasing the shredded material. Compared to normal jaw crushers, The jaw crusher bucket has a lower production, but can be transported more easily and only needs an excavator to operate.
• Wide opening size, more loading capacity.
• Special design with direct drive motor, almost zero
loss of transmission power. ( Hydraulic motor and shaft
is directly connected by a safety spline )
•Thanks to direct drive motor, our product can do both
normal and reverse rotation at once.
• With reverse rotation, clogged materials can be
realeased effortlessly.
• Easy maintenance with direct drive motor, no
need of tension adjust.
• Optimized design of the jaw plates, more efficient
of crushing.
• 24V magnet and dust suppression device are
• Return line is necessary.
Prices are representative. For detailed information, please contact us.

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