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Check out the next auction dates for construction equipments!
Easily find the used construction equipments up for auction by our professional clients.


1250 ads up for auction

Handling part Equipments Bus Other

Auction n°27842 - Troostwijk Veilingen B.V.

5 ads up for auction - Dessel (BE)

Aerial platform Crane Truck Van
Belgium Belgium - Dessel

Auction n°27518 - AUCTELIA SA

13 ads up for auction - Merelbeke (BE)

Concrete Pallet truck Equipment spare parts Crushing, recycling
Belgium Belgium - Merelbeke

Auction n°27845 - Troostwijk Veilingen B.V.

18 ads up for auction - Lummen (BE)

Truck Stacker Construction Van
Belgium Belgium - Lummen

Auction n°27846 - Troostwijk Veilingen B.V.

2 ads up for auction - Sint-Truiden (BE)

Truck part Equipment spare parts
Belgium Belgium - Sint-Truiden

Auction n°26772 - AUCTELIA SA

6 ads up for auction - Aye (BE)

Equipment spare parts Truck equipments Other Equipments
Belgium Belgium - Aye

Auction n°27159 - AUCTELIA SA

1 ad up for auction - Saint-Symphorien (BE)

Drilling, harvesting, trenching equipment
Belgium Belgium - Saint-Symphorien

Auction n°25160 - AUCTELIA SA

32 ads up for auction - Dessel (BE)

Van Pallet truck Bridge crane Trailer
Belgium Belgium - Dessel

Auction n°26167 - AUCTELIA SA

5 ads up for auction - Cras-Avernas (BE)

Trailer Stacker Spare parts Pallet truck
Belgium Belgium - Cras-Avernas

Auction n°26780 - AUCTELIA SA

5 ads up for auction - Orp-Le-Grand (BE)

Bridge crane Pallet truck Equipment spare parts Landscaping equipment
Belgium Belgium - Orp-Le-Grand