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Kobelco sells their SK500LC-10 excavator

ECI - on 01/27/2017 10:32:49 am - By Margot MOTTARD
Construction machines manufacturers

KCME (Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V.) announced the launch of their latest track excavator. This 50-tonne machine is specially designed for levelling operations and to work in quarries. The make introduces their new excavator as a machine that is both great in terms of performances as well as environment friendly.

Kobelco sells their SK500LC-10 excavator

The Kobelco excavator meets the requirements for the Stage IV anti pollution norm. This launch demonstrates the manufacturer's will to integrate the heavy hydraulic excavator market.

A strong and energy efficient excavator

First and foremost, the SK500LC-10 excavator has lots of power thanks to its diesel engine from the Japanese make Hino. This 6-cylinder engine gives the machine power and resistance. Regarding the fuel consumption,the excavator's engine saves fuel up to 6% in Eco mode and S mode compared to the 9 generation. Besides, the energy optimisation is also working with a permanent cooling system.

In brief, from a mechanical point of view, the excavator was designed to use as little fuel as possible while still having great performances. The breakout force of the standard excavator is 267 kN. Excavator operators will be happy to learn that the turret is placed so that the engine access is made easier for maintenance.

Different configurations to meet the needs of construction sites 

The excavator is offered in LC standard version with long chassis. It is also offered in VLC version (Variable Long Crawler). A ME version (mass excavation) is also available. This version version features shorter boom and arm configuration to promote the use of a larger bucket e.g. to use in certain quarry/mine applications. This configuration is only available with the SK500VLC-10. Finally, another configuration is offered with simple tracks or double-grouser shoes.

Peter Stuijt, Product Marketing Manager at KCME about the new machine : « Kobelco’s SK500LC-10 is a machine that has a deserved reputation for being an absolute workhorse.The recent changes that come with Generation 10 models add up to increased working performance for less running costs – an important consideration for customers and operators. »

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